Genome (Xenia sp. version 1)

File Entries MD5
Genome scaffolds 168 scaffolds 94d275b97ddf49df015ea045b6423cb4
Transcripts 29867 transcripts 28e79350ae1a74c635acdc4e1cef8842
Proteins 28010 proteins e39a22f76cb0d22a8b766cd4dd1c4ee7
Gene annotation (gff3) 29015 genes 4e0bb9b5b3631d3cf8d7255038853118
Gene annotation (gtf) 29867 transcripts 029c5b82928e55275a2c98bf65a5540f

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Data and code availability

Downloading all data

Data, code, and results can be downloaded individually using the links above. Alternatively, all data hosted at can be downloaded using:

git clone
wget -r -np -nH --reject="index.html*" \